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VOTE411 is Live from the League of Women Voters!

Published on 1/27/2022

Vote411 is live. When you get a chance, check it out and make sure it’s working for you. It works for me. I’m seeing all the right districts. Response rate over 80% for Dallas candidates, looks very good for LWV TX candidates also. If nobody spots any major problems in the next few hours you can go ahead and let the world know it’s there. 


Reminder - we only sent questionnaires to candidates in competitive races. Unopposed candidates in Dallas County will be listed in the hard copy guide but not on Vote411. There are literally dozens of unopposed judges and a lot of unopposed State Representatives and users get tired of click click clicking past races where they do not need to make a choice.


If you want to see more races than what will be on your ballot, 

              1. Go to and enter your address

              2.  On the next screen, on the dark blue bar that says VOTE411 Voter Guide click the three gold bars, then select All Races from the drop down menu.

              3.  On the next screen select Texas.

              4.  Select whatever additional races you’d like to see.


Our Spanish language translations are also there! Our translator worked with amazing speed once they got past the huge job of translating for LWV TX, and Kenda North did a heroic job of updating all our races with translations in two very intense days. 


If you want to see information in Spanish,

              1. Go to and select Spanish from the drop down menu at the very top of the home page.

              2. Enter your address

              3.  On the next screen under additional Settings, first select your party, then select Spanish. (Vietnamese is also an option for some races).

              4. Then select “Ir a su boleta” to see your ballot.