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Stop High-Level Radioactive Waste in Texas! Contact your Texas Representative and Senator Now

Published on 5/3/2021

The notice below is the League's link to your senator and representative. Both must be notified immediately that you don't want this most dangerous material in the world coming through Dallas. The waste will be on railroad tracks parallel to I-20 and then I-30 coming into downtown Dallas. The rail goes to the south of Fair Park then heads north and over I-30 again. It will go under the Dallas Convention Center, near Dallas City Hall, the Omni and Reunion Hotels, by the Belo news building, within a couple of hundred feet of Dallas County Commissioners offices, then turn west to pass the Dallas County Justice Center and Courts. The train goes across the Trinity River and through West Dallas, a low-income Hispanic and African American community. It continues to go to downtown Arlington, past their city hall, 6 Flags, the ball fields, UT Arlington (50,000+ students). Then it proceeds through Fort Worth and Midland's centers of town. The waste will be transported through the center of the towns of Amarillo, Lubbock, Denton, Fort Worth, Texarkana, Dallas, Beaumont, near all the ports on the Gulf, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso. The train cars and rails are not engineered to carry the heavy loads of the waste and the containers.

Please click on the links to tell your senator and representative that you don't want the most dangerous material in the world on train tracks that are accessible to sabotage and where there are train accidents. See the links to the LWVTX website below:


Stop High-Level Radioactive Waste in Texas!

Contact your Texas Representative and Senator Now


Protect the state and stop this high-level radioactive dumpsite in Texas. House Bill 2692 is supposed to ban the radioactive waste coming to Texas, but due to loopholes and federal preemption, the bill fails to halt high-level radioactive waste from coming here, but gives benefits to the for-profit company while Texas loses money. HB 2692 goes to the Texas House floor on Tuesday. 


CONTACT: your Texas Representative and Senator:


CONTACT: Texas Governor Abbott (800-843-5789)

Lt. Governor (512-463-5342)


Message for Governor, Lt. Governor, Representatives, and Senators:


Please halt the bad radioactive waste bills by stopping SB 1046 and the identical companion, HB 2692. Please say to vote NO when the bill reaches the floor.

  • Due to loopholes and federal preemption the bills fail to halt high-level radioactive waste from coming to Texas.
  • The bills have giveaways to a private company that causes the state to lose hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Existing surcharges should stay in place, not be reduced as stated in this bill, so Texas will have money to clean up contamination later.
  • The bill relaxes safety measures, creating radioactive risks. For example, requirements to containerize Class A waste get removed, endangering workers on the trains and the people who live along the railroad tracks in cities and the country.
  • The bills remove requirements to negotiate in good faith, abide by antitrust laws, and practice nondiscrimination.

Take action, go to: