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Volunteers Needed for Paid Positions at Dallas County Elections Department!

 | Published on 4/2/2021
Volunteers needed for paid positions at Dallas County Elections Department IMMEDIATELY!

With the May 5 election approaching, the Elections Department needs to conduct Logic and Accuracy testing (“L&A”) on its voting equipment.  Poll watchers from the Republican and Democratic parties are allowed to observe the testing but they are not allowed to interact with the people doing the testing.  Instead, the Department uses “escorts” to accompany the poll watchers and answer their questions.  The Department needs volunteers to act as escorts for the L&A testing.

Duties:  The L&A escorts will first be trained by the Department and will then work for the Department during the testing.

Days and Hours:  Escorts will work full 9-5 days for two weeks of testing.  Training will take place in advance and should be less than a day.  The beginning date for the training and the L&A testing have not yet been finalized but it will start as soon as possible.

Pay: The volunteers will be compensated at a rate that has not yet been finalized, but it will be between $15 and $20 per hour.

How To Apply:  Please respond to either or  We will forward your contact information to Esmeralda Garcia at the Elections Department and she will follow up directly with next steps.